Spring Garden Road Streetscape Project

Spring Garden Road is slated for a streetscaping project in the future. Find out more about information at: www.halifax.ca/property/SGRSP


Southwest Properties - Construction Update

Below is an update from Southwest Properties on the development project taking place on South Park Street and Sackville Street.
Construction continues at the corner of South Park and Sackville on Southwest’s mixed-use development, which will include PAVILION condominiums, the YMCA Centre of Community and a residential rental complex.
Recent activity included temporary sidewalks being constructed around the perimeter of the site for safe pedestrian traffic during construction.
The project is halfway through its excavation phase with intermittent blasting and hauling to occur over the next two months. This particular stage is projected to be complete by early November 2016.
Foundation strengthening and stabilizing procedures are currently taking place on properties to the south and east side of the site.
The blasting program will continue sporadically until the end of September, as per our initial schedule, together with the well-coordinated hauling of rock / slate via Annandale Street.
Necessary precautions are being undertaken to contain and minimize any dust from site activities. The team is also making a concerted effort to ensure that access roads are kept free and clear of debris, mud and dust with twice daily water washing & sweeping when rock is hauled.
During the excavation phase, measures will be implemented to assist with alleviating any traffic congestion within the affected areas east of site excavation.
For questions pertaining to site activity, contact Southwest Properties at urbanhalifax@southwest.ca.