Preparing for the Winter Season

NOVEMBER 27 2015 - (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality is prepared for the arrival of winter weather and is encouraging residents to do the same before the snow starts to fall.
No one knows for sure what this winter has in store. But by working together, we can ensure we’re all better prepared for whatever the season may bring. Here are some simple steps that everyone can take to help protect your property and ensure clearing goes as safely and smoothly as possible:

·         Trim any tree branches and shrubs that originate from your property. These can obstruct access and visibility for snow-clearing equipment.

·         Remove planters, lawn decorations and any other portable objects near the sidewalk before the winter. 

·         Business owners should refrain from placing sandwich boards and other portable signs on the sidewalk, as these obstruct snow clearing and salting.

·         Items like sports equipment that may still be used during the winter should be safely stored when bad weather is in the forecast.

·         Mark any permanent structures or objects too big to move with a reflector that will be visible above the snow. This helps crews identify obstacles. 

 Preparing your property also means preparing your vehicles. This is the time of year when motorists should consider tires that have better traction for winter driving. Make an appointment now to change your tires, before you get caught in that first storm. It’s also a good idea to carry a winter survival kit in your vehicle when travelling during the winter months.
Last winter taught us the importance of securing off-street parking so that operators can safely and efficiently clear the streets. The overnight winter parking ban will be in place again this season, starting Dec. 15.
Even when the parking ban is not enforced, residents are asked to think before you park. Ask yourself:

·              By parking here, is my car causing a safety issue?

·              Is it making the road impassable?

·              Is it obstructing snow clearing?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, don’t park there. The city is stepping up winter parking enforcement, so those in violation will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s cost. Officers will focus especially on areas like bus routes, streets around hospitals and schools and typically problematic areas for snow equipment and emergency vehicles. 
Vehicles on the street are not the only issue. Residents are also reminded that vehicles hanging out of a driveway or parked on the sidewalk during a storm or clearing operations are prone to damage and become a dangerous obstacle for crews. Such obstacles prevent crews from clearing the sidewalks properly, which can quickly become an issue for pedestrians, including seniors, people with mobility issues and parents pushing strollers.
The easiest way to know when the overnight parking ban will be enforced is to sign up for notifications. Residents can also email a request to or call 311. For those who signed up last season, you will continue to receive notifications when the ban will be enforced.

Please remember that winter safety is a shared responsibility. For more information on snow-clearing operations and the overnight winter parking ban, please visit