Westwood Begins Doyle Block Development

MARCH 2016 - This is a public notification that construction has commenced at Westwood's Doyle Street Development: south side of Doyle Street, Brunswick Street, Spring Garden Road and Queen Street. At this time the sidewalks along Doyle Street and Spring Garden Road will be closed. Temporary sidewalks will be open on Queen Street and Brunswick Street. Westwood Construction endeavors to ensure the utmost in public safety and construction mitigation through this period of construction.  Please do not hesitate to contact Westwood with inquires / concerns.

Westwood Office: Phone: 902-425-7500 Email: office@westwoodgroup.ca
Project Manager: Jamie Haddad Email: jhaddad@westwoodgroup.ca

This new development which has been in the planning stage for the past five years, when completed will add many great public benefits to the Spring Garden area.

Westwood has committed to the following public enhancements:

·         Underground the overhead utility lines along Doyle Street

·         Add new street lighting along Doyle Street

·         Plant new trees on all four streets abutting the development

·         All new sidewalks and increasing the existing width by 50 percent

·         Adding hourly public parking within the new development

The Development itself will feature the following:

·         Seven storey mixed use development

·         Three levels of underground parking – 210 parking spaces

·         35,000 + square feet of retail and office space

·         Roof top restaurant

·         100 + residential suites

Completion anticipated Spring 2018