Spring Garden Area Business Association





SGABA: State of the Area Report

In the summer of 2018, the Spring Garden Area Business Association conducted a series of surveys to gain a better understanding of the mobility patterns of its members and the general public to and within the Spring Garden area, as well as their viewpoints, concerns, and desires for, and about the Spring Garden area. Additionally, SGABA completed a comprehensive parking study of the area to better understand the role of parking in the overall success of our members.

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Leading with Transit

Leading with Transit is a collective voice representing the business community, special interest groups and residences to various levels of government with the purpose of advancing transit beyond the current discussion and incremental change, to bold and transformational action. The mission of Leading with Transit is to provide a whole-of-city view and input to the current transit discussion and present a vision for the future.

Between April and May 2018, Leading with Transit held four public forums in Dartmouth, Spryfield, Sackville, and Halifax looking for feedback and suggestions from the public.  Moving forward, Leading with Transit is committed to continuing its public engagement and creating a report on its findings to present to the Municipality.


Bicycle Lanes on South Park Street

SGABA is very supportive of all forms of transportation and is always looking to help make the Spring Garden area more accessible to all users. When the South Park Street Bicycle Lane Extension and Improvement report came out in January 2018, SGABA supported option 2A, an option that lessened the impact on on-street parking while making room for a bike lane along South Park Street. We supported option 2A because the economic impacts of bike lanes are not fully understood and significant changes to the status quo could have adverse economic consequences. SGABA believed an economic impact analysis should have been completed prior to a decision being made. Upon learning that option 2 was selected, the one that eliminated the most parking spaces, and SGABA’s statement was not considered an “official position”, SGABA continued to engage with Municipality staff on this topic and hopes to be more closely engaged and considered when the city makes proposals to changes in the Spring Garden Area.


Rapid Bus Transit on Spring Garden Road

Halifax Transit has identified Spring Garden Road as a possible “Route 1” of the Draft Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study. SGABA does not support the Bus Rapid Transit along Spring Garden Road for three key reasons, found in the document titled “Official Position Letter sent to HRM Bus Rapid Transit Project Lead”, and have made their points clear to Halifax Transit in a letter addressed to the Coordinator of this project.