Spring Garden Area Business Association

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SGABA in the media

Due to the nature of our work, particularly our active role in advocating for the Spring Garden area, we are often mentioned and quoted in the media.  Below you will find a list of the most recent times the SGABA, or the Spring Garden area, has been discussed.


October 2019

Post-Hurricane Dorian information - Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, October 2

june 2019

Spring Garden Stoplet Back By Popular Demand - allNovaScotia, June 3

April 2019

Zwicker’s Gallery Poised for Move - allNovaScotia, April 16

Spring Garden Fixture Exiting After 50 years - allNovaScotia, April 11

March 2019

City will Pilot Test SGR Car Closures - allNovaScotia, March 29

Ahead by a century”-Halifax Examiner, March 23

February 2019

Cogswell redevelopment gets green light from Halifax council” - Global News, February 27

Cogswell ready for the wrecking ball as Halifax council approves design” - The Star Halifax, February 26

Cogswell district redevelopment plan approved by council” - Halifax Today, February 26

Cogswell interchange project gets green light from council” - The Chronicle Herald, February 26

Cogswell interchange plan going to council vote, but some want more public consultation” - The Chronicle Herald, February 25

City Probes Business Impacts of Bike Lane - allNovaScotia, February 15

Darrel Pink Steps Up for Spring Garden -allNovaScotia, February 15

Consultant calls for changes to Cogswell redevelopment plan” - CBC, February 7

Roundabouts won’t right an urban renewal wrong, and other changes recommended for Halifax’s Cogswell plan" - The Star Halifax, February 6

January 2019

Residents get look at facelift options for Halifax's Spring Garden Road” - Chronicle Herald, January 8

Spring Garden streetscape” - CTV, January 8

Haligonians have 2 weeks to weigh in on $10M Spring Garden Road upgrade” - CBC, January 8

Public engagements start for Spring Garden Road makeover” - Global News, January 8

Halifax unveils options for Spring Garden Rd. redesign — including closing one section to cars” - The Star Halifax, January 7

City Test-Drives Spring Garden Plans - allNovaScotia, January 7

Halifax to unveil options for Spring Garden Rd. redesign at public meeting” - The Star Halifax, January 4

October 2018

Group of 26 Strive for a Better Cogswell District and Halifax” - Press Release, October 24

Stick in the spoke for South Park Street Bike Lane - allNovaScotia, October 11

September 2018

“Hashing out the plans for Halifax's Cogswell Interchange” - Chronicle Herald, September 26

City Funds Outsiders Review of Cogswell - allNovaScotia, September 26

Rob LeBlanc’s Ekistics wins Spring Garden work - allNovaScotia, September 21

Retail beat: Firkin Pub, Miniso; Judith & Charles - allNovaScotia, September 7

Biz leaders still want Cogswell plan review - allNovaScotia, September 6

Design firms line up for Spring Garden work - allNovaScotia, September 5

August 2018

Joanne Corbett: City Parking Boondoggle - allNovaScotia, August 9

"It will be unique": HRM exploring streetscaping project for Spring Garden Road - Halifax Today, August 2

The Rick Howe Show - 9am: RFP Spring Garden Road ( audio starts at 36:21) - News 95.7, August 2

July 2018

Spring Garden Braces for $10M Revamp - allNovaScotia, July 31

Spring Garden Road is getting a stoplet? What is a stoplet? - Global News, July 6

New 'stoplet' shows Halifax might get Spring Garden streetscaping right - The Star, July 5

June 2018

 Experience Spring Garden this summer - Chronicle Herald, June 18

Biz leaders push for more Cogswell input - allNovaScotia, June 4

May 2018

Spring Garden Road construction 'chaos' keeping customers away, shop owner says- CBC NS, May 25

MEDIA RELEASE: Downtowns Atlantic Canada Conference Brings Business Improvement Districts to Halifax - May 23

Halifax testing out new look for Spring Garden Rd. with something called a 'stoplet' - The Star Halifax, May 8

Cogswell Revamp Hits Bump In Road - allNovaScotia, May 8

Spring Garden Road getting skinnier with 'bump out' sidewalk extension - CBC NS, May 7

Buddy, can you spare a dime loonie toonie? - Frank Magazine, May 1

April 2018

The Sheldon MacLeod Show - 1pm: Leading With Transit ( audio starts at 32:20) - News 95.6, April 16

Coalition launches project on the future of transit in Halifax - Global News, April 11

Spring Garden Merchants will miss parking - allNovaScotia, April 11

March 2018

Parking Loses out in bike lane battle - allNovaScotia, March 7

Councillor's Outhit and Austin speaking about the South Park Street Bike Lane - Global News, March 7

Sidewalk walk pitched as bike lane comprise - allNovaScotia, March 6